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Green tea with lavender and puffed rice: a refreshing drink

Green tea with lavender and puffed rice is an ideal drink to refresh you. Extremely rich in precious properties for your well-being, it allows you to hydrate with taste, without adding excess calories and sugar. Furthermore, when you prepare this iced tea at home, you avoid all the additives and sweeteners that are used in industrial drinks, unhealthy and not suitable for a diet.

Try our recipe and combine the pleasure of cold tea with the antioxidant action of green tea and the relaxing action of lavender.

Nutritional properties of green tea with lavender and puffed rice

Green tea is a concentrate of beneficial and healing properties: powerful antioxidant, it is rich in polyphenols and bioflavonoids. These substances counteract the action of free radicals – the main ones responsible for cellular aging – by promoting tissue regeneration and the health of our body.