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Lemme diet: what it is, how it works and contraindications

The Lemme diet promises everyone important weight loss in no time. But under what conditions? The proposed diet is rich in carbohydrates and proteins but strictly bans fruit, vegetables, sugar, and salt. Let’s see how it works and what are the contraindications of this diet which seems to contradict one of our most cherished assets: the Mediterranean Diet.

Lemme diet: what it is

The diet, invented by the pharmacist Alberico Lemme, has also become famous as the “spaghetti diet for breakfast” because it recommends consuming carbohydrates only in the very first part of the day. Among the various foods, the most banned ones are salt, because it increases the risk of hypertension, and sugar because it stimulates insulin, a hormone that increases body fat.

Furthermore, the association between carbohydrates and proteins is strictly prohibited. The peculiarity of the Lemme diet is that there is no calculation of the calories of the foods and, above all, no limitation in the quantities.