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Cumin infusion for a flat stomach: the recipe to prepare at home

The cold cumin infusion is the ideal drink to keep ready in the refrigerator for the moments when you feel your stomach burdened. In fact, this infusion, thanks to cumin, has excellent digestive properties.

Being a zero-calorie drink, it can be a valid alternative to water, when you want to keep yourself hydrated but you want new and original flavors, without exaggerating with the sugars of carbonated drinks.

Nutritional properties of cumin infusion

  • Cumin is a spice very widespread in the Arab world and a basic ingredient of curry. It has very important antioxidant and digestive properties that make it a perfect ally for the health of our body. It favors the assimilation of nutrients – such as vitamins and minerals – by stimulating the secretion of enzymes in the pancreas. In addition, it helps to effectively combat the formation of intestinal gas, thus preventing the annoying swollen belly. Thanks to the flavonoids it has effective antioxidant action and is also rich in iron, vitamins and mineral salts including calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Thanks to its iron intake, it is useful in case of anemia and in the days of the menstrual cycle.
  • If you don’t like the taste of cumin, you can try fennel seeds: a teaspoon in boiling water to leave for 15 minutes and then cool in the refrigerator. Also in this case you will have a drink without calories and rich in properties. Digestive, purifying, and even capable of slowing down the absorption of fats and sugars.

An infusion is rich in properties that you can easily prepare with the Melarossa recipe.