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How to combine diet with work shifts

First of all, we recommend using daybeds for short sleep. For adults, this is the best option for energy recovery. To get a good diet effect, you need to use everything in combination. Starting to follow a diet, choosing to eat in a balanced way, is never easy: it implies an effort to change one’s life habits. If in “normal” conditions it is possible to find the right motivations, it becomes more tiring for those who do not have regular work shifts or work at different times from others. Those who have an office job can organize themselves by bringing lunch from home or carefully choosing the meals to be eaten in the canteen or bar. But what if you work on completely busted schedules?

The flexibility of the Melarossa diet

One of the main problems of those who follow a diet and, at the same time, lead a particular lifestyle due to their work rhythms, is that of “rigidity” in the composition of meals. This is one of the points that distinguish Melarossa, a Mediterranean diet built on the principle of the food pyramid, from other types of diets. Flexibility.
If you can’t make meals at home, you can always go on the sandwich diet. And, if you have problems faithfully following recipes and alternating meals, the ABC of substitutions will help you. Changing your program is therefore easier. This allows not only to adapt the diet to the rhythms of life but also to avoid that sense of “boredom of taste” that often occurs when following a monotonous diet. There are no rules that require you to eat at certain times. The important thing is to always distribute the food throughout the entire wake, to never go hungry, and ensure all the nutrients the body needs. The rule of 5 meals, in fact, must be maintained in any case: breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus two snacks, all “translated” on the times of one’s life.

Reconciling diet and work shifts: special cases

A trained and passionate staff like that of Melarossa is always attentive to requests for special difficulties or needs. It often happens with those who work at particular times or on shifts that vary. A sense of hunger busted and little appetite, they alternate with moments of blind hunger and desire to eat anything that happens within reach. But, if you stick to your goals, following a balanced diet in these cases can be easier than you think.