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Lamb meat: nutritional properties, benefits, and recipes

Lamb takes pride of place on the Italian table on Easter days when it appears in many different recipes depending on the region. In fact, it should be part of your diet throughout the year, as an alternative to other types of white meat, such as chicken or turkey.

Lamb meat is light, substantial, and digestible. If you are careful to choose the one coming from small and medium-sized farms, with an important zootechnical tradition behind them – like those of Abruzzo, a region always devoted to sheep farming and sheep breeding – you will ensure certain taste and benefits. In addition, you will help protect the territories that struggle to maintain their typical features.

Lamb meat: nutritional properties

Lamb is the son of the sheep that have passed weaning but has not yet passed 12 months of age. Let’s see what are its nutritional values.

Easy and Tasty Vegan Meals to Make at Home

There is no doubt that being vegan has become a followed trend in the last five years. Many people choose this lifestyle for health reasons, others do it because of the ethical aspect. However, some people still believe that vegan meals cannot be as tasty as regular ones when made at home. To debunk this myth, we created a list of vegan meals that are easily made at home. 

Five Main Reasons for Choosing Good Foods for Your Diet

We live in a fast world with busy schedules. For this reason, many people cannot eat properly and turn to fast food and other unhealthy alternatives. You have probably heard that having a balanced diet is important. But why is that exactly? In this article, you will find out five main arguments for paying attention to what you.