Fruits and vegetables: the guide to replace them in the Melarossa diet

When you follow the Melarossa diet you can take advantage of a food replacement service that allows you to make changes between the foods provided in your weekly menus, helping you manage those situations where you need to make changes.

It’s called the ABC of food substitutions and is a guide designed to ensure variety, customization of menus, and a lot of autonomy during your weight loss process.

Therefore, making daily nutrition as tailored to your personal tastes as possible, always respecting the variety, can be of great help in respecting the diet. In your weekly menu, you can replace the foods of the same group with each other, so you won’t be forced to eat something you don’t like or don’t have available.

However, it is important not to abuse this possibility: changes should not be a rule but support when you need to make a change. In fact, to achieve your weight loss goal on schedule, you must try to stick as much as possible to the diet that has been given to you, following your menu closely and using the replacement service to give yourself some little freedom.

A balanced diet must provide you with all the nutrients your body needs and in this sense, variety is fundamental: the replacement service has been designed with this in mind! For this reason, we have decided to prepare a series of guides for food groups that explain how to best replace the foods included in your weekly menus.

Today we talk about fruit and vegetables!

The ABC of fruit and vegetable substitutions

It is possible to replace fruit with other fruit and vegetables with other vegetables without too severe limitations. Instead, as regards fruit, consume some foods in moderation such as figs, bananas, and tangerines, because they are more sugary and caloric than others.

Look and print the table with the list of foods included in the Melarossa diet that are part of the fruit and vegetable group.

How to replace vegetables and fruit with each other

Let’s start from the founding principle of the Melarossa diet: it is good to replace, but always alternate. Replacement for you should become a tool to make your diet wider, respecting variety.

This also applies to a group of fruit and vegetables. Each of these foods contains different beneficial substances for your body, therefore, when you make changes, it is important to know the nutrients of the foods, to ensure all the substances you need to feel good.

Replacing does not always mean eating the same thing. If you love pears it doesn’t mean that you have to eat only those: try to experiment as much as possible even with different flavors.

Fruits and vegetables: general rules to be respected

Avocado and dried fruit

Dried fruit, as well as avocado, is part of a group of foods that do not fall within the rules described above and must always be considered as exceptions.

In fact, they are very different in calories and nutrients from fresh fruit. So it is possible to insert them in a varied and balanced healthy diet, but in a low-calorie diet, it would be better to avoid them or limit them a lot.

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